Earn Your Spot On The Rebel Investor Leaderboard

Use Rebel Investor’s Proprietary Technology to:

  • Build your own channel and attract other Rebels interested in your strategy.
  • Create a revenue stream by attracting subscribers to your portfolio (you set your own monthly subscription fee).
  • Share in Rebel Investor ad revenue when your portfolio lands a spot on the Leaderboard (see FAQs for details).
  • Personalize your channel with newsletters, blog posts and videos to communicate with your subscriber base. Tell your community about your strategies, your investment service, whatever you want. You decide what information you share.
  • Incentivize subscriptions by only sharing your strategy secrets with subscribers.
  • Easily update your community when you make changes to your holdings with SMS text and/or email alerts to subscribers.

You set your own monthly subscription prices

Decide how much to charge subscribers to your channel (from $2.50 up to $99 per month per subscriber). Rebel Investor takes a small $2.50 technology fee per subscriber, and you keep the rest. This allows you to send up to 50 text alerts each month ($0.50 additional per subscriber to send more).