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  • Choose which Rebels to watch based on criteria you set... follow them FREE. They’ll be added to your personal Dashboard where you can keep track of their performance. You’ll also have access to any content the Rebel makes available to followers.
  • Discover Rebel secrets by subscribing to their portfolio. As a subscriber, you’ll see into the Rebel’s every move including stock entry and exit prices and portfolio weighting. You’ll also have access to all their historical trades, too. It’s like having a trusted advisor show you their every move.
  • Receive special content reserved only for subscribers. You pay only for the portfolios you subscribe to. (Subscribers pay as little as $2.50 per month. The channel's fee is set by the Rebel themselves, up to $99. You can cancel at any time)
  • Choose how you receive updates from the Rebel’s you subscribe to... you can receive emails and/or text messages to your phone, every time a Rebel makes a trade*
  • Discover the rationale for each and every buy or sell a Rebel makes through content such as newsletters, articles, ideas, and links to explanations. You’ll know exactly what trades they make when and why… all the details you need to become a smart investor.

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*Please note: Rebel Investor is not a trading platform. You will need a separate brokerage account to execute trades.