About Rebel Investor

Hi, Woody and Summer here… we’re Co-Founders of Rebel Investor™.

We created Rebel Investor™ to give people a way to share and access diverse investment strategies without spending a lot of time or money.

Rebel Investor™ puts you in control of your portfolio… the way it should be. Because no one will look after your financial future as well as you will.

We discovered there was a need for this kind of platform when we set out to make our own investment strategy available to others. We wanted to give DIY investors the chance to follow and mirror our own portfolio, and we wanted it to be easy and affordable.

But we soon learned there wasn’t a platform that allowed us to build a community and keep them updated. So we built one. And we launched it in 2016 as EGOER Wealth™.

EGOER Wealth™ was a great solution for many people. But we know investing isn’t “one size fits all.” And some people told us they had a different strategy to beat the S&P. They wanted to show us… and we wanted to see. And that’s when we decided to create Rebel Investor™.

Rebel Investor™ is both a technology platform and a community. It allows investors to attract and build their own community, completely free.

And if you want to watch other portfolios, you can choose to follow as many as you want, completely free. The only fee you’ll pay is when you want to subscribe to a portfolio to get details on the strategy and ongoing updates on trading activity.

The power of Rebel Investor™ is the five guiding principles the platform is built on:

  • Transparency – The Rebel Investor™ community makes objective information available to anyone who wants it. Rebels lay their cards on the table… face up. No hidden agendas.
  • Straightforwardness – Rebel Investor™ is easy to understand and easy to use… whether you want to share your investment strategy, build your own community of subscribers, or follow and subscribe to other Rebel strategies. The platform makes it easy.
  • Accessibility – Rebel Investor™ frees investors from paying high advisor fees, high subscription costs, and from relying on platforms that keep you tied to a financial institution.
  • Objectivity – Rebel Investor™ levels the playing field. Every holding is evaluated by the Sharpe ratio, so investors can easily compare the risks and rewards of each investment against others.
  • Collaboration – Rebel Investor™ encourages collaboration. This “collective investment intelligence” is what makes us all smarter investors.

The best way to experience Rebel Investor™ is to check it out. There’s absolutely no cost or obligation to sign up. Get started now.

For answers to specific questions you may have, visit the Frequently Asked Questions page.

Howard “Woody” Alpern

Certified Public Accountant and Personal Financial Specialist

Summer Yang